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Are you struggling with getting your book self published?shir_015_300x300

There are so many questions to answer. So many books and programs telling you where to go.

It’s overwhelming.

It’s hard to know what information you can use and what you should ignore.

I know! I have been right there where you are today. It took me over a year to self publish my first book. Every aspect of the process was like a new can of worms.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun too. But it took longer and costed more than it should have.

And that is why I launched this 1 on 1 coaching program. So I can show you how to get your book published quickly and efficiently.

Let me ask you this. Pretend you had no idea how to play golf – you never played before. But you decide you want to play. Would you just walk on to a golf course and start playing 18 holes? How do you think that would turn out?

Frustrating? Tiring? Overwhelming? All of the above?

Most likely you would give up before you finished.

More than likely, if you wanted to learn how to play golf, you would take a few lessons. Within just a few lessons – just a few short days or weeks – you become good enough to play a round of golf.

Now let me ask: ¬†how are you approaching self publishing your book? Are you just “…walking on the golf course with no lessons” to use my analogy from before?

Hey, it’s possible to do it yourself. I know because I did it. But it takes time and persistence. It is frustrating.

There’s a better way – my 1 on 1 coaching.

Maybe now is the time for you to consider hiring me to help you. To get you unstuck. To help you with implementing all that you have read about self publishing. To help you learn how to make this a successful venture. Hire me to help you reach your goal of publishing a book.

Now, let me tell you what you get with my 1 on 1 coaching:

> Access to me: An hour a week on the phone. Unlimited email access.

Let me stop there. I can help you with multiple topics in self publishing. But 1 on 1 coaching is all about you. I work with you to solve YOUR problems and get you where you want to be. I provide trainings and teachings that relate to YOUR personal situation.

With that said, these are the topics I can help you with:

  • How to format and ¬†ready your book for print publishing through Createspace
  • How to format and upload your book to Kindle and Apple
  • A complete understanding of the self publishing business
  • How to make a successful business out of self publishing
  • The tested methods for promoting your books
  • A blueprint for book promotion that can be used over and over again for one book or hundreds
  • How to build an author platform that promises your books are a success every time (plus we will build this together over the course of the program)
  • I will show you my method for generating dozens of ideas you can use as topics for marketing you and your books
  • I will work with you personally to implement my favorite book promtion and marketing methods for creating a fan base that you can ask for advice on titles, book covers, and even reviews
  • During this program, you will build a platform from which you can launch future books or products

Again, 1 on 1 coaching is all about you. So you will not have to suffer through any training that you do not care to know about or that you already have mastered.

Personal, 1 on 1 coaching with me is available in 2 ways:

1. By the hour at $497 per hour

2. By the month at $1,850 per month – 4 weekly one hour sessions (best value)

Simply Contact Me By Clicking Here to get started.

Listen: if you keep getting stuck, if you keep getting frustrated, what do you think will happen? You may end up quitting before your book is published? Do you want that to happen?

I want to see you succeed and get your book published.

Why not sign up today?