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Planner Publishing Profits Review and bonus

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Check out my review on Youtube:

The costs and benefits of publishing your own books – BBC News


BBC News
The costs and benefits of publishing your own books
BBC News
From Both Sides – sold 250,000 copies in a year and pushed him on to become one of the bestselling self-published authors in the UK.


There’s an interesting table of statistics in this article that you should check out. It’s called ‘Earnings of a Writer’.

And this quote I pulled which – importantly shows how most authors see about a 40% return on investment.

From my experience that is about right. Although that 40% ROI is more accurate when you have several books published. On any given book you may lose money…

“A recent survey of writers found that 25% of them had self-published a work, and 86% of them said they would self-publish again.

They suggested a typical return on their investment of 40%, the research for the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society found.”

New Concept In Funding Book Projects

Have you seen this? 

I’ve seen others using crowdfunding to raise money for book projects…but this is a REALLY interesting idea.

“If a book fails to reach the amount necessary to pay for production, it’s a sign that the book may not be a commercial success. “Our crowdfunding model is a way to get the market to decide,” said Parilla. The authors who can’t raise the production fees via crowdsourcing can then choose to pay for the production on their own—knowing that the book may be tough to sell—try again, or pull the book from production.”

Crowdfunding for Books: Pentian’s Self-Publishing Model Expands to US – Digital Book World

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