It’s A Shame For You Not To Make Good Money…Especially When Amazon Kindle Makes It This Easy

Say hello to the freedoms and benefits that come along with being published. Benefits like passive income, expert status, joint ventures, can all be yours when you become a published author…

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It all can happen when you publish a book.

But getting your book for sale on Kindle is complicated. Too many formatting errors and Amazon will reject your book – or worse, readers will give it bad reviews.

So I created this report to help you get everything right the first time. You won’t have to worry about formatting issues or where to begin with getting your book loaded in the Kindle store.

But This Is No Ordinary Report…

Too often I see reports and eBooks that tell me what to do but stop short of showing me how to do it.  That’s not my style. I want you to know what to do AND I will hold your hand all the way through getting your book submitted and approved.

This report covers every detail right down to submitting your book to Kindle.

Here is what you get:

  • The Kindle Formatting Guide – (36 pages / 4,281 words) – packed with screenshots showing you exactly where to click and what to do.
  • The Uploading Your Book On Kindle Guide – (27 pages / 2,357 words) – shows you step-by-step howto set up your account on KDP Select and upload your book.
  • Easy Table of Contents – I show you how to generate the ideal TOC with only a few clicks.
  • Publish using all free software – you won’t need to buy anything to get your book formatted andpublished.
  • Works for Mac or PC users.
  • Instructions for resizing images for your book – no software required!
  • Example short story included – the exact book I use in the tutorial is included as part of yourpurchase so you can learn along with me.
  • How to use Amazon’s free cover creator tool – hey, if you can’t afford a cover, don’t let thatstop you from publishing! I show you what you need to know to get a cover done so you can get published and start earning $$ ASAP.

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Imagine having the confidence to show your friends, neighbors, business associates – ANYONE – your book.


I want this to be easy for you. So I went ahead and created video tutorials. If you want to watch over my shoulder while I walk through all the steps of formatting a book – including uploading it to KDP – then this video series is for you.

Watch and listen while I walk you through:

  • Styling chapter headlines – you’ll be surprised how easy it is.
  • Splitting pages – I show you the right way to split between sections so your book is easy to manage
  • Creating the Table of Contents – With a couple of clicks, I will show you how the program creates a TOC for you.
  • Pros and Cons of KDP Select – Don’t get locked in without reading this piece first!
  • Uploading your book file – make sure you choose the right file to upload.
  • Understand Kindle’s Previewer Tool – Exactly what to look for to make sure your book is ready and will get approved by Amazon.
  • Royalty settings – you do want to get paid, right? Read this and understand where Amazon want you to price your book.

Act Now While It’s Still At It’s Lowest Price…

In short, the Ultimate Kindle Publishers Package will show you everything you need to get your books for sale in the Kindle Store. It’s all here including the bonus videos – All for less than $10 USD!

You’ve waited long enough.

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Note: After you pay you will get access to the report instantly.

P.S. I planned on selling the videos as a one time offer/upsell. But as I sat here looking over this letter one last time, I decided I want you to have it FREE. All my work to create the OTO sales page, the download page, the email lists, – for now I’m just scrapping that and giving you the videos right now as a Bonus. (I may change my mind on this).