How Do You Tell A Friend Their Book Stinks?

How Do You Tell A Friend Their Book Stinks?

Do you just ignore it and give a good review?

How will your friend respond if you tell them the truth?

Wow! What a sticky situation…

Well, the truth is you should just tell them there are some problems and they should think about fixing it before they land a whole bunch of bad reviews. 

Then you’re the good guy. 

Writers all start somewhere. And generally the first few books are not as good as they could be. True writers keep at it though and get better. Help them get better.

Anyway, this was a funny read about just this particular situation…

Sun Herald – Friend has hard time finding a few kind words for bad book – The Sun Herald … Jul 4

He just selfpublished it, and it’s available on Amazon. He gave me a copy, asked me to read it and enter a great review on the Amazon page. The problem is the book is filled with misused and misspelled words, and there is missing punctuation. He even switched the names of two characters.

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